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Thursday, 1 January 2009


8 oz Cranberry jelly, canned
5 tb Flour
1/2 ts Baking powder
1/2 ts Sugar
5 tb Water
Vegetable oil
-- for deep-frying
Flour -- for dredging
Cranberry tartness suggests the original Chinese
ingredient, a firm, gelatinous jelly flavored with the
hawthorn berry (or 'shandza', which in northern China
is pureed to make a delicious tart, thick, cooling
drink). Enclosed within a light, deep-fried batter,
the strips of jelly become hot and soft or, in the
case of cranberry, almost liquid. Buy the "jellied
cranberry sauce", not the whole-berry type.
This recipe makes three to four small servings.
Cut the jelly crosswise into three round slices, 1/2
inch thick. Cut each slice into three strips,
approximately 1/2 x 1/2 x 2-1/2 inches.
Prepare a batter by blending the flour, baking powder,
sugar, and water.
Heat oil for deep-frying; after it is hot, keep the
heat around medium-high. Dredge the cranberry jelly
strips lightly in flour, making sure all sides,
including the ends, are dusted. Then dip them in the
batter to coat completely, and immerse them in the oil
until golden brown. Fry only a few at a time. Drain
on paper toweling, and eat while hot.
Sichuan Dry-Fried String Beans
1 tablespoon Dried shrimp
1 tablespoon Preserved Sichuan Preserved -- Vegetable (jar
3 cups Peanut oil for deep frying
1 pound String beans -- snapped in
1 tablespoon Minced ginger
1 tablespoon Finely chopped garlic
4 ounces Ground pork butt
1 Green onion -- minced
1 teaspoon Sugar
pn White pepper 2 ts Dark soy sauce 2 tb Chicken stock A swirl of
sesame oil=
This green-bean dish is outstanding. The green beans exude aromatic
flavors and have an interesting chewy texture. I do not fry the beans
as long as traditional recipes call for because I want them to have some
texture left.
Cover the dried shrimp with hot water for 30 minutes. Drain. Chop into
the consistency of coarse bread crumbs.
Rinse the Sichuan preserved vegetables with cold water to wash off the
brine and salt; chop into the same texture as the shrimp. In a deep
fryer add the oil and heat to 375F.
Deep fry the beans in two or three batches for 2 to 3 minutes or until
they look wrinkled, blistered and khaki color.
Remove all but 1 tablespoon of the oil from the wok. Reheat the wok
over high heat.
Add the ginger and garlic; stir-fry for 15 seconds. Add the pork,
preserved mustard, dried shrimp; stir-fry for 1 minute longer. Poke and
break up the clumps of pork so that it looks crumbled. Add the green
onion, sugar, white pepper and soy sauce; toss together to blend.
Serves 4 to 6.


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